The 1920’s are over!!

Thank you so much for the interesting conversation about 1920’s American culture!

Next week, we will start the 1930’s.

In case you want to learn more about the 1920’s, here are some resources you should check out.

Music: Playlist of songs from Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald

Book: The Great Gatsby, One of the most well-known works of fiction ever written in the U.S.


Trailer for the new The Great Gatsby movie

Trailer for The Artist, the film we watched in class

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In case you want to practice the “Cha Cha Slide”

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Instructions for March 30 Class

Hi Guys,

Thanks for class on Saturday! It was so much fun to dance.

This week, we are going to talk about music. Please bring:

1. The lyrics from your favorite English-language song

2. 5 sentences in English about why you like that song

Thanks to everyone who danced with us on Saturday!

Thanks to everyone who danced with us on Saturday!

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Assignment for Class

Hi class,
Sorry for waiting until Thursday to posting the homework. We had some problems when we tried on Tuesday and Wednesday. 
1. Please read the article:
It is available at three different levels. Pick the level that is right for you.
2. You should write 5-sentences about a style of dance. Tracy will send you an email with the name of the style that you should write about. 
3. We will not have a vocab quiz this week.
4. Don’t forget to check out the BBC Learning English Facebook page.
5. Trace Effects is in the classroom. Install it on your computers.
Em português:
Esta semana, vamos falar de dança.
1. Devem ler o artiguinho enlaceado (está disponivel em 3 niveis de inglês!)
2. Devem escrever 5 setenças sobre um estilo de dança. Tracy vai enviar um e-mail no qual vai dar um estilo específico a cada um de vocês.
3. Não vemos ter uma prova de vocab!
4. Não esqueçam de usar a paginha de BBC Learning English.
5. Deixámos Trace Effects na sala de PIBID. Devem baixá-lo.
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Trace Effects

Hi guys! 

Thank you so much for a great first class. Tracy and I will post the homework for the next class tomorrow. We have left a copy of Trace Effects, the English computer game, in the PIBID classroom. The worksheet for the first chapter is due in 1.5 weeks, on Saturday, March 30. We will e-mail the worksheet to you. You can see a trailer for the game here.





Oi gente!

Muito obrigada por uma boa primeira aula. Tracy e eu vamos postar o trabalho para a próxima aula no site amanhã. Nós deixámos uma copia de Trace Effects, o jogo de computador, na sala de PIBID. Devem fazer a primeira folha para o 30 de março (vamos enviar a folha por e-mail). Podem assistir a um trailer para Trace Effects em:


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