Want to learn more about college life in the US?

The U.S. Embassy and TV Cultura Mais are collaborating on a TV show about Brazilian college students in the U.S. It’s called Graduados. Here is Episode 2, which happens to be about my alma mater, Princeton. 

Episodes 1 and 3 are also available online.

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Come to Chick Flick Friday

Want to see a more lighthearted side of American culture than the one you saw during our recent unit on World War II and the Holocaust? Then come to Chick Flick Friday! We’ll watch a classic chick flick, like Dirty Dancing, Love Actually, Never Been Kissed, or Notting Hill. Details on Facebook.

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News in Levels: A Great Website for Practicing Reading

Students, interested in practicing your reading skills a bit more?

The participants in PIBID’s Reading Club have found the site www.newsinlevels.com incredibly useful.

Why We Love It

News in Levels publishes three articles for each event it covers–one written for beginning English students, one written for intermediate English students, and one written for advanced English students. Each article comes with a list of key vocabulary terms and an audio recording so that you can learn correct pronunciation.

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And now we’ve made it through the 1940’s

Sure, it’s been a while since we posted about our jaunt through the 1930’s. That’s because we spent a long time focussing on the 1940’s. Between World War II and the Holocaust, it was arguably one of the most impactful decades in global history. So, how did we learn about it?

1. We held a lecture on the causes of World War II.

2. We watched two major movies about events that took place during World War II. The first, Flags of Our Fathers, demonstrated the sheer brutality of war:

While the second, Schindler’s List, depicted the horrific events of the Holocaust.

3. We looked at examples of propaganda from the war. Then we made a bit of propaganda of our own about Brazil (students, feel free to send in your favorite drawings!).

4. We staged a debate in which we pretended that we worked for President Truman and needed to advise him about whether or not he should use the atomic bomb. For this exercise, students read text from real historical documents, then referenced it in their arguments. It was pretty impressive!

Thanks to everyone for their hard work!

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Thank you Michael Vossen!

Many thanks to guest lecturer Michael Vossen, Fulbright Scholar from UFRJ, for coming to class on Saturday and facilitating a discussion about the American Dream and the Brazilian Dream. To all students: Michael greatly enjoyed meeting you.

Next week, we’re going to wrap up our conversation about the 1930’s by talking a bit about culture. Here’s a preview:

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It’s the 1930’s!

Thanks for the great conversation about the Great Depression last week. Tracy and I had a lot of fun playing The Bank Run game. 

Here ares some of the vocab words we learned:

Debt – Dívida
Unprecedented – Sem Precedente
Stock Market – Mercado de Ações
Crash – Falência
Inequality – Desigualdade
If you want to learn more about the Great Depression, here is an article for students who are learning English.
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Excellent book for practicing English



A few students have asked about good resources for practicing English. I just found a great book called Leia e Pense em Inglês. It has reading exercises, 


listening exercises, and lots of new vocabulary. You can pick it up at the bookstore at Paraiso. 


Leia e Pense em Inglês


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